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Launched by Lledo in 1996, Vanguards specialized in replica classic British cars, and later, other European vehicles.

The first model was the fourth update of the Ford Anglia (1959-1968) (Anglia Models 2002-2012) with Hillmans, Jowetts, Wolseleys, Rovers, Triumphs, Vauxhalls, Austins, Morrises and Jaguars.

Many traditional British marques were represented and the line grew to more than 40 different vehicles. The Vanguard line, often called the "Fifties and Sixties Classic Collection" was notable for keen attention to detail.

British trucks were also produced in this line including Ford Transit vans and Ford Thames Trader truck, Commer dropside, Morris commercial van, Dennis F8 fire engine, Bedford S Type trucks, Land Rover LWB and Defender and Karrier boxback, among others.

Although shipping high volumes of product, the company could not compete against low cost producers from Hong Kong and China who also entered the special promotions market with high quality products. As a result, Lledo went bankrupt in 1999, and the naming rights and model range were bought by Corgi which continued producing Lledo models in China until 2005, when the remaining models were merged into the Corgi Classics range.

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