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Trix originated in Germany in the 1930's initially producing construction sets and then breaking into the electric powered train market in 1935. Unlike other manufactures Trix produced a system allowing two trains to run on the same track simultaneously with both retaining independent control. This three rail operation was known as the Trix Twin system which proved very popular in its time.

In the UK from 1937 Trix were distributed and produced by Basset-Lowke and then from early 1960 under varying names, Trix Twin Railways, Trix Trains, and British Trix who finally merged with Lilliput. In 1973 British Trix ceased its operation and the Trix company in Germany fell into the ownership of Mangold Gmbh who continued trading through the 1980's and into the late 90's. Marklin (present owners) took ownership in 1997 following the bankruptcy of the Mangold company.


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